Reema has come in to the favour of Shaan Shahid.

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Reema Khan has come in to the favour of Shaan Shahid.

Reema says that the airing of Ertugrul is not just on a state TV, you can run these projects on private television channels but on state channel we surely need to promote and make our own content and in this regard Shaan Shahid ‘s voice is justified. She says that I second with Shaan Shahid. 

Reema Khan

She further said that if you have content in abundance and your artists suffer  , that’s bad. She said why would you show the foreign content on state channel . It is true that PTV has stopped doing productions. PTV Lahore Centre was considered to be biggest production centre. Mostly actors from Lahore died in poverty after the decline of PTV.

Reema Khan

The pain of our actors is right we need PTV’s revival and we accept the airing of foreign content only if it will pay in the betterment of our own production and quality .

Reema Khan

She discussed this on her Show Baaran e Rehmat e Ramzan with her guests Madiha Naqvi and Faisal Sabzwari.

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