Recovered Corona Patient Yahya Jaffery donates plasma for Plasma therapy


Hematologist Dr. Saqib Ansari says that Yahya Jaffrey, who had recovered from the Coronavirus in Pakistan, donated his plasma. Yahya Jaffrey was the first Coronavirus patient in Pakistan.

According to the details, Dr. Saqib Ansari, a hematologist, said at a press conference that Yahya Jaffrey had donated his plasma. Yahya Jaffrey had been a victim of coronavirus a month ago. Antibodies were made using FD plasma.

Yahya Jaffrey, who is fully recovered after being infected with the Coronavirus in Pakistan, said: “I am fortunate that my plasma will help anyone.”

Dr. Tahir Shamshi, a specialist in blood diseases at NIBD, said that the Sindh government has allowed the plasma specialist to treat Corona patients using plasma therapy.

He said that people with coronavirus will get a plasma for treatment. Corona patients will donate plasma every 2 weeks. If the patient is less than 25kg then a plasma can be applied to 2 people.

It should be remembered that the first case of the coronavirus in Pakistan surfaced on February 26 in Karachi, when a 22-year-old Yahya Jaffrey was confirmed with the deadly virus.

According to the Command and Control Center, 76 new cases have been reported in Sindh during the last 24 hours. The number has increased to 743 in the province.

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