Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch says real feminists just work


Qurat ul ain Baloch is a very talented and famous singer.  She also produced and sung some really hit songs. It’s been a long time we haven’t heard anything from her but now she just showed up on Twitter regarding the ongoing controversy about feminism and Aurat March.

The singer is of the view that the real feminists do not chant for their respective rights rather they just work and make their ways through hard work.


The tweet of the singer was truly appreciated by Khalil ul Rehman Qamar’s supporters. The society has been divided into two categories on this issue, majority are against Aurat March slogans ( which are reportedly banned by High court for their ambiguity ).

Some of the feminists are of the view that instead of chanting those slogans the members of Aurat March should actually focus on the issues faced by women who cannot study or do jobs.

Qurat ul ain Baloch was bashed by media persons in response, the model Emaan Suleyman retweeted her tweet with a reply that don’t speak about the matter you don’t know.


Well it’s been another ugly situation as we had experienced last year when Firdous Jamal passed statement on Mahira Khan.  We hope that Pakistani people get mature and just try to focus on their jobs. We need to get over with these social media and media quarrels . The matters and issues do not get resolved on social media . Men and Women need to work together to build each other up.


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