Pyar kay Sadqay story is getting complex

pyar kay sadqay 7

Pyar kay Sadqay is getting more complicated just because of Mahjabeen and Abdullah’s innocence and Sarwar’s cunning attitude. With the coming episodes the story will get more complex.

Sarwar is planning to malign the innocence of Mehjabeen, he will be manipulating Abdullah to create differences between him and Mahjabeen.

pyar kay sadqay 8
Pyar kay sadqay

Sarwar’s wife already has a blind faith in him she didn’t even believe on Mahjabeen’s father who used to be his ex-husband’s faithful employee. So far, the drama is completely in hands of the cunning Sarwar who is after Abdullah’s property and Mahjabeen. 

pyar kay sadqay 9
Pyar kay sadqay

Let’s see what will happen in future episodes as the foolishness of Mahjabeen will surely land her in major troubles in future.

The promo of the episodes are more intense now where Sarwar is found brain-washing Abdullah. Bilal and Yumna’s  fans are not happy with the domination of Sarwar’s heinousness. 

pyar kay sadqay 10
Pyar kay sadqay

The one sided empowerment of Sarwar is irritating and his wife’s ignorant attitude is creating tension as he has put all the corruption charges on Mahjabeen’s father which is unjust completely.

Fans are really waiting for Abdullah to realize that he loves Mahjabeen so that he will have the strength of his love and a motivation to stand in front of the cunning Sarwar .

pyar kay sadqay 11
Pyar kay sadqay

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