PTV will air Ertugrul three days a week, Faisal Javaid Khan


PTV will show Dirilis Ertugrul 3 days a week till the dubbing work to be started in full swing. It is conveyed by Faisal Javaid Khan after having words with PTV.


Faisal Javaid Khan has said that he had talked to PTV administration on Ertugrul’s airing and the team has said they will air it 3 days a week because of slow dubbing work, the team says that it is impossible to bring one episode daily with this pace of dubbing. However, the team is determined to telecast all the seasons on the national TV.


Faisal Javaid Khan wrote it on his twitter,

“Had a word with PTV reg running of Ertugrul on DailyBasis. They are trying their best to get the dubbing work expedited to ensure daily airing. All seasons of this epic serial ll be broadcast insha’ALLAH.The long-ruined institution by our predecessors will soon be converted to HD “


He also hinted at bringing the Show on HD screen by PTV, he said PTV is a long-ruined institution which  will soon be converted to HD screen.

Again it is a good news for the fans of Ertugrul that in future they might be enjoying the HD print .

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