PTI and PML Q on same page after successful negotiations


The government acknowledged the demands of their Allied party Muslim League (Q) in Punjab and the center, and the two parties, while maintaining unity, have announced to contest the upcoming elections.

The government talks committee reached the Chaudhry Brothers’ residence for talks with the Allied Party (Q) League. Leaders of the PML-Q welcomed the members of the government committee, after which the talks began.

The internal story of the negotiations between the government team and the Muslim League (Q) has come to surface, with sources claiming that the government committee has accepted the demands of the PML-Q, after which the development funds of PML Q will be released soon. And a follow-up meeting will be held in Islamabad in the next two days on this issue.

Sources say that the ministers of the Q League will be empowered in the affairs of the ministries while the PTI may object to the appointment of any objectionable officer, and the PML-Q will nominate a new officer in the relevant ministry. PML-Q will be empowered to solve public issues in their respective districts.

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