Police arrests former Member National Assembly Jamshed Dasti


Former Member National Assembly Jamshed Dasti has been arrested. Jamshed Dasti has been charged with the possession of an oil tanker and a burglary case and two of his former gunmen have also been named in the case.

According to details, a former member of the National Assembly Jamshed Dasti was arrested from Multan. Muzaffargarh police arrested Jamshed Dasti and his companions near Gilani House.

Remember that a few days ago the police registered a second case against the Awami Raj Party Chairman Jamshed Dasti for looting an oil-filled truck and arrested two policemen along with their two accomplices. Police said Jamshed Dasti has been hiding for several days while the cellphone is also off. Police were conducting raids to arrest him.

According to police, former UC Chairman Malik Ajmal and business leader Malik Abid are arrested while officer Farrukh Shahzad along with his colleagues looted oil from the tanker. Police have arrested Farkh Shahzad and Jamshed Dasti’s gunmen.

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