PML-N members of parliament criticize leadership in meeting


Differences emerged in the PML-N’s parliamentary party meeting. Senator Pir Sabir Shah from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa objected to the presence of only Punjab leaders on the stage, while Javed Latif complained that four or five people sitting on the stage consider themselves intellectual and did not consult anyone.

PML N Senator Pir Sabir Shah looking at the stage said today, It has been proved that PML N is only a party of Punjab. No MNA or senator from any other province is sitting on the stage.

Member of the National Assembly Sheikh Ejaz said that you should not say such a thing, this is not the occasion, on which Sabir Shah replied, “Who are you to stop me?” I think whenever people talk about Nawaz Sharif, some people get hurt.

Javed Latif, the MNA of PML N from Punjab supporting Sabir Shah said that Pir Sahib is right. Four or five people on stage do not consult anyone else. If you talk about movement, tell me where your organization is.

Parliamentary Leader Khawaja Asif came up to answer the questions and said that Pir Sahib had done the wrong thing. PML N is Nawaz Sharif’s party. Therefore, the mention of Nawaz Sharif does not hurt anyone. Speaking of Punjab, Khawaja Asif asked, ”Tell me what’s the performance of the party in the other provinces?”

Khawaja Asif said that we’re not responding to the criticism of Bilawal Bhutto as we don’t want to divide the opposition.

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