PM phones Chinese President to express solidarity with China in wake of outbreak of coronavirus


Prime Minister Imran Khan offered to send Pakistani doctors to help the Chinese people.

According to the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that China’s quick, effective steps after the Coronavirus were appreciated worldwide. Under the leadership of the Chinese President, China will succeed in controlling the Coronavirus.

The Prime Minister said that the Pakistani government, the people are with China to end the Coronavirus. He offered to send Pakistani doctors to the field hospital to help the Chinese people. The Prime Minister said that it is hoped that China will continue to provide special care to Pakistani citizens and students.

The Chinese president, on the other hand, thanked Pakistan for support at a time of hardship and said that China is taking timely and quick steps against the Coronavirus. The Chinese people will win in the fight against the virus.

Shi Jin Ping said that Pakistani students are being looked after and treated like their own citizens. Steps have been taken to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of Pakistani students.

The Chinese President reaffirmed his commitment to take economic partnerships to a new level and said that CPEC would be the axis of the Pak-China economic partnership. The leadership of Pakistan, China, vowed to continue high-level contacts between the two countries.