PM Imran Khan’s pictures removed from Utility Stores banners


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s photos were removed overnight from utility stores.

According to the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his displeasure over the photographs of Prime Minister Imran Khan at utility stores.

The Prime Minister issued an order to remove his pictures posted at the utility stores immediately after which the Prime Minister’s photos were removed from the utility stores overnight.

The administration asked for a day to remove the pictures, but could not get it. Prime Minister had a clear stance that our purpose is for the benefit of the people only. I don’t want any form of advertisement. Therefore, no political picture will be used in the future.

Utility store administration was informed by the Prime Minister’s order. On February 12, Prime Minister Imran Khan also directed to lower prices of basic food items. PM also took notice of the sale of expensive items at utility stores. He directed the owners to sell sugar at Rs 68 per kg.

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