PM Imran Khan warns the nation regarding coronavirus

PM Imran Khan warns the nation

PM Imran Khan warns the nation regarding the spread of coronavirus. PM Imran Khan while addressing to the nation said that we have brought an ordinance against smuggling and hoarding. Those who take advantage of the people’s difficulty are national criminals.

In Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan along with other ministers and special assistants in the cabinet talked about corona and national affairs.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the whole world is fighting Corona right now and 40,000 people have died in the US while 20,000 people have died in Italy and Spain because of Corona. 192 people have died from Corona in Pakistan.

He said that lockdown can not be implemented anywhere in the world indefinitely. We have initially opened the cement industry and construction sector and after talks with all the provinces, matters are going forward.

He said that he is trying to reach more people through the Ehsas program while Ehsas Ration portal has launched and is collecting data of deserving people.

The Prime Minister said that Tiger Force is a volunteer force in which no one will get any money. Due to the lockdown, people are in trouble. In the coming days, there is an effort to help the lower class.

He further said that mosques are closed in the rest of the world so why not in Pakistan? 20 points have been signed by all the scholars of different sects. People should try to worship at home. If people want to go to mosques, they must follow the 20 points.

He said that 20 points were composed in consultation with the scholars. PM Imran Khan warns the nation regarding the spread of coronavirus saying If the virus spread, mosques would have to be closed. The factories that are allowed to open, would also have to follow the prescribed procedure.

The Prime Minister said that overseas Pakistanis are our most important asset. Due to the lockdown in different countries, Pakistani labor has become unemployed.


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