PM Imran Khan Trolls Indian Pilot


Prime Minister Imran Khan, referring to the Indian Air Force Pilot who was arrested by the Pakistani army, said, “We have given back his big mustache pilot.

In the election campaign, Modi promoted the hate of extremist RSS. Pakistan is a peaceful country. Pakistan is the country that solves the world’s problems. We have tried our best to resolve the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia. We have tried to reduce tensions between them.

Imran Khan added that for the first time since 1965, Kashmir has appeared in the General Assembly three times in just six months. EU members also raised their voice on Kashmir which has never happened. Now, the situation of Kashmir is known to the world. Kashmir is demanding to end curfew.

Kashmir’s great time is about to come. Now the curfew will not last long. The day when the curfew will be lifted from Kashmir, a sea of ​​human beings will come out. A single voice of freedom will come.

The Prime Minister said that the statement made by Modi that I will conquer Pakistan in 11 days. It seems that Modi has not read the history of the world. It seems his degree is fake. History tells us that the world’s most powerful army has been in Afghanistan for 19 years. Their generals also said they would conquer Afghanistan in a few days.

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