PM Imran Khan speech at National Incubation center start ups


Prime Minister Imran Khan says that the young generation shouldn’t chase salaries and pensioned government jobs. Such a job would mean ruining their skills.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the event said that startup means you have an idea and you start working on it. He said that whatever happened in the world, the idea was taken first and then work was done on that idea.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that many people come to me to seek government jobs. When I ask them why do they want government jobs? They reply that they will get fixed salaries and pensions. Salaries and pension jobs means destroying your skills.

He said that the purpose of the startup is to go after the ideas. If you will go after the ideas, society will help you too. Due to fear of failure, human beings are unable to express their capabilities. They never chase their dreams.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that we have Youth. God has given us great assets. Our biggest asset is young people. Today the world is moving towards IT and technology. We have to encourage the youth. I assure you the government will encourage the youth.

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