PM Imran Khan reveals big decisions taken by him


Prime Minister Imran Khan while talking to Anchor persons said that we are making decisions according to our resources, that the war against corona can be won together.

He said that the impression was given that the government did not understand what was happening. Pakistan had never suffered such an outbreak. When a global outbreak of Corona came, then I called a meeting of the National Security Council immediately.

Imran Khan said that the National Coordination Committee was formed in the National Security Council. We immediately closed the school and postponed PSL matches. I’m saying It from the beginning that we should not go to full lockdown until a structure is created.

The Prime Minister said that in today’s meeting, it was decided that there will be no restrictions on the transport of goods. The procurement of goods will not be stopped throughout the country. There will be no ban on the transport of food items between the provinces.

He said that it was decided that there would be no restriction on factories producing food items. According to one method, such factories would be allowed to operate. We are trying to provide food items to the people.

The Prime Minister said that thank God, not a single Corona patient has come to Pakistan from China. 70% of Corona cases in Pakistan have come from Iran. Iran has sanctions. Their situation is very bad, Iran has failed to control the coronavirus outbreak. Iran sent Pakistanis because of their circumstances.

He said that there were quarantine problems in Taftan. We have to move forward. We are doing our best. We’re trying to control Corona. Lockdown has been done. We do not know what will happen after 2 weeks.

Imran Khan said that when China locked down their provinces, they brought food to people in homes. It is not infrastructure in Pakistan to deliver food to people’s homes.

The Prime Minister said that we are forming a youth volunteer force. Through the Citizens Portal, people will register themselves. The youth will register on the Citizens Portal from 31st March.

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