PM Imran Khan recommends a book for youth in lockdown

PM Imran Khan recommends a book

PM Imran Khan recommends a book for youth in lockdown.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has a piece of advice for youth to spend the lock-down beneficially and productively. The Book Name is Firas Alkhateeb.

The PM has tweeted the cover of a book on his post and wrote about the book. PM says that it will help the youth to know the history of the Islamic Civilization.

His tweet reads,
“A great read for our youth during lockdown days. An excellent brief history of the driving force that made Islamic civilization the greatest of its time and then the factors behind its decline.”

PM Imran Khan recommends a book 7
PM Imran Khan recommends a Book ”Firas Alkhateeb”
Previously, PM Imran Khan urged the youth to watch Ertugrul Ghazi, which is now also on air on PTV on the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Now PM Imran Khan recommends a book for youth. A lot of the youngsters have already started taking interest in the recommended book after PM’s tweet.

It is to be remembered that Imran Khan always focuses on Islamic History and talks about Muhammad Bin Qasim and Khalid Bin Waleed and urges youth to learn Islamic history. Ertugrul Ghazi is also being watched and appreciated by Pakistani audiences.

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