PM Imran Khan reaction on Sugar and Wheat Crisis report

Sugar and Wheat crisis
Sugar and Wheat crisis

Prime Minister Imran Khan has assured the nation to take action against those responsible for the flour and sugar crisis after giving his views on investigative report of sugar and wheat crisis.

Reacting to wheat and Sugar crisis report of FIA, Prime Minister Imran Khan said in his Twitter message that I am awaiting detailed forensic audit results from the high-level commission before any action, which will be compiled by April 25. 

He assured that after coming to these results no powerful group (lobby) would be able to squeeze profit by bleeding public interest.

The Prime Minister further said that a preliminary inquiry on a steady increase in the prices of wheat and sugar has been issued as promised and there is no such precedent in the history.

He said that the rituals of personal interests and compromises deprived past political leadership of moral courage based on which they could not dare to issue such reports.

It should be noted that the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) issued the sugar and wheat crisis report yesterday. The ruling party’s main leader Jahangir Tareen, brother of Federal Minister Khusro Bakhtiar and Monis Ellahi were among the beneficiaries of the sugar crisis.

Sugar and wheat crisis in the country

Wheat prices have risen to Rs 70 per kg in January and February this year due to the wheat crisis across the country.

The Economic Co-ordination Committee has approved importing 300,000 metric tonnes of wheat to overcome the crisis, but experts believe that imported wheat will be ready to be harvested locally and then due to over-consumption of wheat, a new problem may arise.

Prime Minister Imran Khan directed to take strict action against the wheat stocks, taking notice of the flour crisis and price hike. PM Imran Khan set up an investigation commission to issue sugar and wheat crisis report.

The sugar crisis in the country caused the federal government to immediately ban sugar exports and allow the import of sugar, but the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) said sugar export is also banned by rejecting a summary of importing sugar.

PM Imran Khan reaction on Sugar and Wheat crisis Report

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