PM Imran Khan message on 23rd March


Prime Minister Imran Khan in his message on Pakistan Day said that we need to produce unity and discipline in our rows.

Prime Minister Imran Khan in his message on the occasion of Pakistan Day said that March 23 is the golden day of our national history, that day Muslims decided to establish an independent state to relieve the oppression of the Hindu majority.

He said that under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam, Muslims started an unprecedented struggle for the protection of civilization and this struggle resulted in the emergence of an independent Muslim state on the world map.

He further said that it was through the establishment of Pakistan that Muslims got equal rights for religious freedom and development.

He said that on Pakistan Day, we need unity, discipline in our ranks. We can fight the disaster that engulfs the whole world through discipline. I appeal to the nation don’t be afraid, take preventive measures.

The Prime Minister said that personally, I am monitoring the government’s measures to cope with this epidemic. We will succeed in this test In Sha Allah. May Allah encourage us to remain steadfast in the present trial.

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