PM Imran Khan meets reporters from different News Channels


Prime Minister Imran Khan called on journalists. While talking informally to the journalists, the Prime Minister said that those who do corruption, they are afraid of the army. I am not corrupt. Military agencies know everything about anybody.

The Prime Minister said that Article 6 should be imposed on the statement of Maulana Fazlur Rehman. Maulana has said that the democratic government was told to end. In view of his own statement, Article 6 should be imposed on him. Maulana’s statement should be investigated to know who has assured him.

He said that the preliminary report on the flour crisis did not name Jahangir Tareen and Khusro Bakhtiar. There is a cartel everywhere in the country that controls the prices voluntarily. The Competition Commission has failed to play its role.

“I am not the head of the paper party. I have come to this place after 22 years of struggle,” he said. No one knows how to fight better than me. There are talks of government’s downfall because the opposition’s political outlet is closing. There is chaos present between the opposition. It is a political mafia. They are concerned about their own interests, not inflation.

He said that we are bringing rules for election reforms, which will make electronic voting and biometric system mandatory. The Senate elections will not be through secret ballot instead we will bring the Senate election law which will be through show of hands.

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