PM Imran Khan Inaugurated Pakistan’s Largest Forest Revival in Mianwali

PM Imran Khan says that it is my mission to make Pakistan a welfare state. It should be the responsibility of the state to provide jobs to people in Pakistan.

According to details, PM Imran Khan arrived in Mianwali where he launched the largest forest restoration project. The prime minister planted in Kundian and launched a spring 2020 tree plantation campaign.

Addressing the inaugural function of the campaign, the Prime Minister said that tree plantation is very important to Pakistan. We regret that we have destroyed the jungles left by the British government. The British left the forest on 20,000 acres in Kundian, today the forest is destroyed.

Climate change would ruin our future. Allah has given 12 seasons in Pakistan. With such resources, our agricultural output should not be expensive and scarce. Tree-cutters should be jailed.

The Prime Minister said that the country does not progress spending money in a small area. It is my mission to make Pakistan a welfare state. Employing people in Pakistan should have been the responsibility of the state.

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