PM Imran Khan discussion with senior journalists


The number of Corona virus-infected people is increasing rapidly in Pakistan, but Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again said that he does not want a lockdown in the country at present.

Talking to senior journalists, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that due to Corona, he would lock down if needed. Lockdown would disturb the workers on daily wages. There is no such situation in the country that people should start hoarding.

He further said that nothing will be hidden from the public on the issue of Corona. It may be difficult to fight Corona without caution. People need to keep a distance from each other. We’re learning from Chinese experiences on Corona issue. No news is being censored.

The Prime Minister has also decided to give concessions to the construction industry due to Corona, which is expected to be announced on Tuesday.

In this regard, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s adviser for finance, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh says that the world has suffered a $ 350 billion loss from Corona so far. The domestic economy was stabilizing some time ago. The tax package would include tax exemptions.

In his conversation, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan once again appeals to the international community to lift sanctions from Iran.

He said that after the arrival of the people from Qom, the Iranian government remained in contact and international sanctions had eliminated the possibility of any deal with Iran.

Sindh is the most affected province due to Coronavirus where one patient has passed away and 249 are infected. In Pakistan, a total of 3 people have been killed so far while the total number of affected people is 478.

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