PM Imran Khan directs to make Corona Relief Tiger Force active at provincial level

Corona relief Tiger force

A letter has been issued to all provincial chief secretaries to active Corona Relief tiger force, saying it will send the Tigers force into the field if the Prime Minister receives instructions.

According to details, preparations are underway to mobilize the Corona Relief Tigers Force. In this regard, the Prime Minister’s Office has issued a post to all the Provincial Chief Secretaries, asking the relevant government agencies, executive officers to issue necessary instructions.

Registration for Tigersforce has also expired. While TORs have also been issued on the Code of Conduct for Tigers force. The membership will be suspended in case of a violation of the Code of Conduct.

The post said that the Tigers force will work at the provincial, district, tehsil and union council level and ensure emergency distribution, quarantine management, transport arrangements.

The Prime Minister’s Office says that the Tigers Force will have full patronage and support of the administration and the Deputy Commissioner, DPO, will work with the relevant public representatives’ force.

Remember that Prime Minister Imran Khan had decided to activate the Corona Relief Tiger Force soon. Usman Dar had said that within a few days the Tiger Force will be mobilized with the district administration. The young people involved will identify the deserving and the unemployed.

It should be noted that 135 people have passed away from the Coronavirus till now while the number of affected people has increased to more than 7000.

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