PM Imran Khan chairs meeting to discuss the social media policy


Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the law of social media is not aimed at suppressing positive opinion or political differences, but the main purpose of bringing the law is the protection of the citizens.

According to details, a review meeting was held on the proposed rules of social media, under the supervision of the Prime Minister, attended by the Ministry of Information, Interior, Law, IT and PTA officials.

The meeting reviewed in detail the reaction to the recently created social media rules and regulations while the impact on freedom of expression was also reviewed given the proposed rules.

On the occasion, the Prime Minister said that the main purpose of bringing social media law is the protection of the citizens only. This law is being made to protect national security including children and religious matters.

The Prime Minister said that many countries, including Singapore and the UK, are bringing such laws and now Pakistan is taking such laws because of changing circumstances and events.

The Prime Minister directed that all stakeholders be consulted before the implementation of the statute and the proposals of these stakeholders were included in the proposed law.