PM Imran Khan announces historic economic relief package of 144 billion

economic relief package

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the distribution of 12 thousand per person in one crore 20 lac families will start tomorrow. PM Imran Khan has also announced a historic economic relief package.

Prime Minister Imran Khan talking to media representatives said that 12,000 per capita amount will be distributed in one crore 20 lac families from tomorrow. The Ehsas program is starting tomorrow. There is no political interference in this program.

He said that about 300 million people have contacted through SMS. This money will be given through 17 thousand places in the country. If we need to improve the Ehsas program, we will do it.

The Prime Minister said that with the help of Tiger Force, more poor people will be found at the lower level. Rs 144 billion will be given to the lower level through the Ehsas program. We are opening the construction industry from April 14. It will provide employment to the workers.

Imran Khan said, “We must understand that we can avoid a very big problem carefully. The worst side effects of the disease are in our hands. The more people gather, the faster the disease spreads, the more dangerous it is. 85% of those who have the disease will not be affected significantly. 4 or 5% of those infected with coronavirus will have to go to the hospital.

He said that one or a half of 100 people can die from coronavirus. Whenever more people gather, the disease becomes dangerous. I see that in many areas people are not caring. If a child gets sick and he goes home, his parents can be affected too. We all have to take responsibility and be careful.

The Prime Minister said that the spread of the Coronavirus is different in every country. There are 700 people dying every day in Spain or New York. People think maybe more people will not be affected in Pakistan. Chances are that the disease will not spread so much. Three weeks ago, we decided to lockdown, shut down schools, public places and factories.

Imran Khan said that there are 5 million people in Pakistan who are below the poverty line. In case of lockdown in the country, they will suffer tremendously. So, we have to take care of them. An economic relief package will be given to them through Ehsas Program.

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