PM Imran Khan Announces Economic Relief Package of 1200 Billion Rupees


Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved an economic relief package for the Coronavirus.

According to details, a statement issued by the finance ministry stated that the purpose of the relief package is to provide relief to those affected by the epidemic.

200 billion rupees has been approved for laborers and workers on daily wages. 100 billion has been allocated for industries and the export sector.

The package also announced the facilitation of payment of loans and interest, including the issuance of tax refunds. 100 billion relief is allocated for agriculture and SMEs.

Rs 144 billion has been earmarked for severely affected families. One crore 20 million will be provided to the eligible families for 4 months.

The statement said that Rs 50 billion has been earmarked for utility stores and Rs 6 billion for shelters. 280 billion has been earmarked for wheat procurement.

The prices of petroleum products were reduced by Rs. 15 per liter. Under the relief, gas bills of up to Rs 2,000 will be charged in 3 months simple installment. 100 billion rupees are allocated for the energy funds and Rs 25 billion for the NDMA.

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