PM Imran Khan Announces 2 Weeks Lockdown Extension

2 weeks lockdown extension

Prime Minister Imran Khan announces a further 2 weeks lockdown extension implemented nationwide following the Coronavirus. A meeting of the National Coordination Committee, chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, decided that the lockdown would continue for the next two weeks.

Schools, colleges, playgrounds, cinemas, and all public places will remain closed while it has been decided to open the construction industry, including chemical manufacturing plants, e-commerce, exports and local software development programming, paper, cement, fertilizers, mines, minerals, laundry, dry cleaning, nursery of plants, agriculture machinery and equipment-making industry, glass industry, animal hospital, export industry.

Prime Minister Imran Khan says that due to the lockdown, the small shopkeepers have become unemployed once again. Corona has spread about 30% of what it was expected. Fewer people affected by coronavirus in Pakistan than other countries like Italy and Spain.

The Prime Minister said that 28 lac families have received money in the Ehsas Program. Rs. 45 billion has been distributed. Arrangements have been made to ensure that wheat harvest is not hampered. The risk factor in the construction industry is very low. There will be huge relief packages to the construction industry and the construction industry is opening today.

Imran Khan further said that strict action is being taken against smuggling and hoarding. We are bringing strict ordinance to prevent wheat smuggling. There is a danger of wheat smuggling from the country. PM Imran Khan further said 2 weeks lockdown extension is to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country. There is still chances of more cases.