PM Imran Khan announces 15-18 Billion relief package


The Prime Minister decided to bring a package of 15 to 18 billion rupees for relief of the people suffering from inflation.

According to sources, the relief will be given to the people on various food items through the utility stores. Prices will be monitored at the district level by the administration and vigorous action will be taken against the storages.

According to sources, the package of Rs 18 billion will cover all the important items. Ordinary citizens will get cheap goods from utility stores. In Islamabad, a meeting of government spokespersons was chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, in which the Prime Minister apprised the government spokesmen about the relief package for the public.

Sources say that the Prime Minister has decided to cheap wheat, pulses, sugar, rice, wheat, pulses, sugar, and flour 10 to 25 percent. Sources say the Prime Minister is planning to bring a package of Rs 15 to 18 billion to reduce inflation, under which 10 billion rupees will be released to the utility stores for storage.

Every month from February to June 2020, utility stores will be given a subsidy of Rs 2 billion and cheaper items will be available at 7,000 utility stores across the country. Sources say the Federal Cabinet will approve the Rs 18 billion relief package at its meeting on Tuesday.