PM Imran Khan Addresses To The Nation Amid coronavirus situation

PM Imran Khan

PM Imran Khan appealed that Corona is a national crisis and that it should not be politicized. According to the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing the current situation of Corona, said that the situation arising due to coronavirus is unparalleled and unmatched.

The Prime Minister said that the experts assess the situation of the patients and corona daily. The institutions compile data after all the contacts and the situation is being reviewed regularly.

Referring to Corona cases, PM Imran Khan said that 50,000 cases were expected till April 25 but now, it is estimated to be 12 to 15 thousand cases. I congratulate the nation on the shortage of expected patients.

He said that the world was not ready to deal with this kind of situation. Coronavirus cases are increasing in the world. The government is preparing for the rising cases. There is a possibility of an increase of Corona cases from 15 to 20 May.

The Prime Minister said that the resources are needed for the utmost care. Due to timely measures, no case came from China to Pakistan. It is decided gradually to reduce the lockdown. Our situation is different from Europe and America.

Regarding the construction sector, he added that the construction sector is going to be opened. There is a government hospital for the poor and a private hospital for the rich. A class system has been created in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said that the greater danger is that what will be the effect of lockdown on the poor. I am very worried about the poor living conditions. In the past, the class system flourished in Pakistan.

PM Imran Khan said that we could not reach those unregistered workers. We are providing relief money to the 100 million families. If people come to the streets due to hunger, the purpose of the lockdown will be ended.

He said that after the 18th Amendment, provinces had powers. Workers are registered in other countries, including the United States. We’re asking industrialists to participate in the construction sector so that people may save from hunger.

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