PM Imran Khan addresses to Nation


Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a ‘Prime Minister Corona Relief Fund’ to deal with the Coronavirus, denying lockdown in the country once again.

Addressing the nation regarding the Coronavirus, Imran Khan said that the whole world is currently fighting against the Coronavirus. China is the only country successful in the fight against Corona.

The Prime Minister said that even if there were conditions in China, I would have closed all the cities, but the problem is that people live in extreme poverty here.

On the occasion, the Prime Minister announced the setting up of Corona Relief Fund and said that the Corona Relief Fund account will be operational from tomorrow and funds will be deposited in it.

He said that the exact details of where the Relief Fund is being used will be conveyed to the nation while no question will be asked about the money you put into it.

The Prime Minister said that the Coronavirus does not differentiate between rich and poor. The British Prime Minister is also infected with the Coronavirus. No government can win the war against Corona alone. The government and the nation will fight against Corona together.

Imran Khan says if we cannot deliver food to poor people at home then lockdown cannot be successful. Indian Prime Minister Modi had to apologize to the nation for lockdown without thinking. Now in India, if the lockdown is removed, the disease will spread.

The Prime Minister said that we have given the largest relief package to date, which is $ 8 billion. We are building a Tiger Relief Force to deal with the situation in Corona, which will provide relief to the people and to inform them about virus and isolation.

He said that young doctors, nurses, students, drivers will all be involved in the Tiger Force. Together with the Tiger Force and state agencies, they will meet all the deficiencies.