PM Imran Khan addresses Nation over coronavirus situation


Addressing the nation, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that there is no need to create chaos on the case of coronavirus. The characteristic feature of the coronavirus is that it spreads quickly, with 90% of the patients having flu and cold only.

”Only 4 or 5 percent of patients infected with the virus need to go to the hospital, and 97 percent of the patients recover”, he said.

He said Pakistan knew that if the Coronavirus was spreading in China, it would eventually come to Pakistan. We were constantly in contact with Iran because after neighboring China, the neighboring country also had Corona. The virus spreads fast.

Giving congratulations to the Balochistan government, the Prime Minister said that the Balochistan government made great efforts in difficult times and praised the Balochistan government on the measures.

He added that the purpose of the address is to make the nation aware of the measures of government about coronavirus. The first case came on February 26. We called a meeting of the National Security Committee when 20 cases came out in the last week.

The US and UK closed their cities. We were also proposed to close the cities, but in Pakistan, it is not the situation. If we close the city, we can save people from Corona on the one hand, and on the other hand, people will die from hunger.

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