Pilots fake licenses and responsible of PIA Plane crash

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Following the release of the investigation report after the May 22 incident in Karachi, it has been decided to verify the fake licenses of the PIA pilots.

On May 22, a national airline flight PK8303 crashed near Jinnah International Airport, killing 97 people while two others miraculously survived. The Prime Minister and the concerned authorities later ordered an inquiry into every aspect of the accident.

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On May 26, 11 Airbus technical advisers arrived in Karachi from France to investigate the plane crash. They gathered all the necessary evidence from the scene and inspected the runway, after which the investigation team left for France on June 1.

According to sources, the interim report of the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board has revealed that the cockpit crew of the aircraft at the time of landing ignored the instructions of the Air Traffic Controller while the Air Traffic Controller also failed to implement the instructions.

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The report did not rule out the possibility of a technical malfunction in the cause of the crash and held the PIA and CAA equally responsible for the crash. Sources said that the report also termed the procedures of PIA and Civil Aviation Authority in preventing accidents as unsuccessful.

After the interim report of the PIA plane crash came to light, the PIA took a big decision on the issue of fake licenses of the captains. The scope of investigation against the pilots with alleged fake licenses was widened.

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PIA CEO Air Marshal Arshad Malik wrote a letter to DGCAA, PIA CEO wrote 2 letters during the last two days. It said that a list of captains with fake licenses should be provided immediately. An immediate action would be taken against the captains under the rules, and all pilots with fake licenses would not be allowed to fly planes.

Air Marshal Arshad Malik demanded from the DGCAA to send the list soon and said that pilots with bogus licenses are a serious threat to flight safety. The CEO said that the CAA should provide a list of 150 PIA pilots.

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The Supreme Court took notice of the case of pilots with fake degrees and also sought a detailed report from PIA, SereneAir, and Air Blue.

The court asked how and why fake licenses were issued to the pilots. What action was taken against the fake licenses? Endangering the lives of passengers is a serious crime.

The apex court also summoned the heads of PIA, Airblue, and SereneAir at the next hearing and asked the heads of airlines to provide reports based on the certification of pilots’ degrees and licenses.

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Points to Ponder;
1) Who recruited all these pilots with fake licenses?
2) Who is responsible for the selection and recruitment of pilots in a national Airline?
3)How a person with a fake license was able to reach the post of a pilot?
4) Why action wasn’t taken before?
5) Who are the real culprits of innocent lives lost in previous plane crashes?
6)Is it enough to suspend all those fake degree holders?
7)Is there any law to stop recruitment on a political basis?

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