Sadly Airbus 320 PIA Plane Crash Karachi 22 May 2020

PIA plane crash today

PIA Plane Crash today near Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. There were approx 97 people in the Airbus 320. PIA plane crashed in residential area near Tank Chowk, Malir Cantt Karachi. Civil aviation has confirmed the news. Residential area was Jinnah Garden Karachi.

PIA Plane Crash Today

On 22, May 2020, PIA aircraft with 92+ passengers on board crashed due to technical problem in the aircraft. Rescue operation in in process. The flight was headed from Lahore to Karachi. And just before landing at Jinnah International airport, the aircraft crashed. As the aircraft crashed near the residential area,so many houses in the area are affected. Relief operation started. Further investigation of the plane crash is in process.

Nearby buildings and houses were affected due to this crash. Army quick response force, Rangers and other rescue teams arrived immediately. Hospitals are on emergency alert.

Real Reason of PIA Plane Crash

Plane crashed due to technical issue in the aircraft. Plane’s wheels were jammed before landing, and the pilot lost contact with air control room just a minute before landing. blackbox recording tell us that pilot told control room “we have lost engine”

PIA Plane Crash Video

PIA plane crash today
Footage after Plain Crash – Malir Cantt

Crew members and List of Passengers in PIA Plane crash

  • Farid Ahmad Ch
  • Abdul Qayyum Ashraf
List of Passengers on Air bus 320 PK8303 Plane crash today

Plane crash News Confirmation

News about PIA Plane crash is also confirmed by other news sources in Pakistan

PIA aircraft crashes in residential area near Karachi airport

Pakistan International Airlines passenger plane crashes in Karachi

PIA plane crashes near Karachi airport

Karachi Malir neighbourhood destroyed in PIA plane crash

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