Supply of petrol affected causes petrol crisis across country

petrol crisis

The Petrol crisis has erupted across the country as prices of petroleum products have come down. The supply of petrol and diesel from private oil marketing companies has been stopped.

According to details, there is a serious petrol crisis in the country including Karachi. The shortage of petrol in different cities continues for the third day and citizens are wandering in search of petrol.

Petrol and diesel have run out at most of the pumps of private oil marketing companies. The supply of petrol and diesel by private marketing companies has been severely affected.

The total number of petrol pumps in the City of Quaid is around 300 out of which 50% of the oil tankers of the pumps have become empty, due to which the citizens are facing difficulties.

In this regard, Petroleum Retailers said that petrol pumps of private companies have been closed and oil tanks have dried up. The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has directed the Chief Secretaries to supply petrol.

According to petroleum realtors, there are long queues at petrol pumps, making it difficult for citizens to get petrol. Most oil companies are waiting for the oil to be imported.

On the other hand, the president of Karachi Goods Carrier Rana Aslam has said that even the freight vehicles are not getting diesel. The closure of goods transport will also disrupt the delivery of goods.

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