People slogged during Abid Sher Ali speech in London


“I will not accept award from a thief” During an awards ceremony in London, the community leader refused to take the award from the former federal minister and PML N leader Abid Sher Ali.

A London-based hotel was hosting a community awards ceremony of a private newspaper in which Abid Sher Ali was invited to distribute the awards.

The situation got worse when Ata-ur-Rehman, who has been involved in community service for the past forty years, was invited for the award. Instead of receiving the award, he took the mic from the host and pointed to Abid Sher Ali. “I will not take the award from thief”.

At which the hall echoed with the noise and applause of the audience and the people started chanting slogans against Abid Sher Ali, at which Abid Sher Ali addressed the audience shortly and at the end raised the slogan, ”Nawaz Sharif Zindabad”.

Abid Sher Ali, who is based in the UK these days, said on the occasion that we live in a civilized society. We should work to highlight Pakistan’s positive identity, rather than throwing dirt at each other.

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