People are not happy with Ramzan Shows

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People are not happy with Ramzan Shows

People are not happy with Ramzan shows people think that these actors too much preached about social distancing and breached their own declarations. People think that they were the most conscious people when Corona struck the world but now they are doing live Ramzan Show and endangering people’s lives

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People criticised Fahad Mustafa, Humayun Saeed, Shaista Lodhi, Sana Javed and many other actors on violating social distancing. All the channels including PTV are conducting Ramzan transmissions.

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The public also raised the question that why Ahmad Shah’s life is being exposed to the danger of corona by inviting him daily in the live show.

Many people also commented in the favour of shows but the thing is that the shows involve crew, small audience and celebrities which somehow is not appreciable at this moment.  Still many liked the concept of the show keeping social distancing in mind

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Here are a few comments’ screen shots for you.

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