Pakistani dramas are topping international ratings

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Pakistani dramas are reaching heights of fame where Ruswai topped the rating charts according to biz Asia ratings of UK.

Hum Tv dramas Yeh dil Mera, Jo tu chahay, Daasi and Dilruba also topped the charts in UK Asia’s ratings.

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dilruba drama

Well, to top the charts in UK means that not only Pakistanis but Indian Bangladeshi and Nepali viewers have also been watching our dramas there.

Not only that, Pakistani dramas this Ramzan will be aired on mbc Arabia, Do bol, Balaa, Cheekh and Gul o Gulzar will be telecasted on Mbc Arabia in Arabic dubbing.

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jo tu chahay

The drama Suno Chanda, Balaa , Do bol and Cheekh have been already aired on Mbc Arabia but now most of dramas are re-airing on public demand.

Pakistani dramas have made a name across the world due to it’s storyline and productions. Faysal Quraishi, Feroze Khan, Imran Abbas ,Bilal Abbas, Sajal Aly, Mikaal Zulfiqar and many actors have a lot of fans in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Turkey.

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There is a massive fan following of these actors across the world, we want all our dramas to reach heights of success the way Turkish dramas have made market in the world .

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