An unstoppable Star – Fahad Sheikh

Fahad Sheikh
With more than 10 Drama serials in about four years, Fahad Sheikh is a star Unstoppable!

With more than 10 Drama serials in the bucket, Fahad Sheikh is one of the fastest growing Pakistani Actors who has amazed the audience with his brilliant acting and hair raising looks. We’ve witnessed his stellar performance in Drama serials such as “Mubarik Ho Beti Hui Hai”, Bandish, Khudparast and Teri Chah Mein. And now he is winning hearts with his brilliant acting and intense expressions in Drama Serial Jalan.

Fahad Sheikh

Fahad Sheikh as Ahmer in Jalan

In a recent interview, Sheikh said “Playing Ahmer’s role was pretty challenging as the character goes through various transitions of life and every phase of life has a different impact on his personality” Sheikh said, he loves playing challenging characters as it enables him to explore new dimensions of his acting skills. And to be honest, the way he carries Ahmer’s character in the drama is simply outstanding.

We are all in praise of his acting and intense expressions. His craziness for his love interest “Nisha”, His rage and anger towards his uncle when Ahmer lost his mother. The moment he confronted Asfand for interfering in his personal matters. It was a bone-chilling performance and Sheikh deserves every bit of praise and acclaim that came his way.

With Jalan being on air right now, Fahad Sheikh is busy shooting two more new projects. First being “DUNK” that is directed by the talented Badar Mehmood who gave us hits like Cheekh, Bala and Mubarik Ho Beti Hui Hai. Sheikh is co-staring with Bilal Abbas Khan, Sana Javed, Noman Ijaz, Azekah Daniel and Shahood Alvi. The cast of Dunk seems to be one of the biggest casts of this year being featured in a single drama serial. Dunk is expected to come out by the end of September.

Fahad Sheikh in Drama Serial Dunk

The story doesn’t end here. The super talented Pakistani Actor, Fahad Sheikh is also working on another project called “Ghamandi” in which he is playing the role of a psychopath. Whoah! What a switch man, Now this is what we call being in love with acting. Some people might consider such choices risky but in case of Fahad Sheikh, this is what he loves doing. He has always picked roles that challenge him, scare him, and excite him as compared to other television stars who choose to remain in their comfort zone In a recent LIVE SESSION, Fahad mentioned that Ghamandi is being directed by the veteran director “Sohail Jawed” and he is loving his way of direction.

Sohail Jawed and Fahad Sheikh

We are hoping to see some phenomenal acting by Fahad Sheikh in Drama Serial Jalan, Dunk and Ghamandi. Let’s wait to hear more from him.

You can follow Fahad Sheikh on his social media accounts that he updated regularly!