Pakistan most improved country in nuclear assets security

nuclear assets security

Pakistan’s position in the ranking of nuclear assets security
has improved significantly, and the US agency Nuclear Threat Initiative has raised Pakistan’s ranking by 7 points for the most effective measures.

According to the NTI Index, by implementing the new regulations, Pakistan has taken most of the steps related to security and control and Pakistan has significantly improved itself in the nuclear assets security category as compared to other countries.

According to the index, Pakistan has gained plus 25 points, while in the global norms category, Pakistan’s plus one has also increased. Pakistan’s efforts to protect its nuclear assets have left India far behind, with Pakistan gaining 47 points against India’s 41.

Comparing all the 22 countries with nuclear weapons, Pakistan ranks 19th and India 20th in terms of asset protection, while Pakistan ranks 33rd out of 47 in terms of installation of facilities and India ranks 38th.

nuclear assets security 7
Pakistan’s ranking improved in Nuclear Assets Security Index

Referring to the past, it has been said that Pakistan is gradually improving security by applying new regulations in various matters including cybersecurity, plus 8 in 2014, plus 2 in 2016, plus 6 in 2018 while 2018 I particularly appreciate Pakistan’s efforts to protect against internal threats.

According to the nuclear assets security index, Pakistan has significantly improved itself in the security and control category compared to other countries. The report said that Pakistan’s achievement of plus 28 points in this regard is the second such opportunity in the history of the index itself.

Former US Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament Lara Kennedy has welcomed the report on Pakistan in the NTI Index. Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Asad Majeed Khan has also welcomed the NTI report.

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