Pakistan hosts Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s meeting


The SCO member countries thanked Pakistan for the successful holding of the Ninth Meeting on Defense and Security.

The ninth meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s Defense and Security Specialists was held in Rawalpindi. According to a statement issued by the Pakistan Army Public Relations, Pakistan hosted the meeting while delegates from 8 countries participated as guests.

At the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, delegates from 7 permanent member countries including India, China, Russia attended and discussed various aspects of cooperation.

According to Pak Army Public Relations ISPR, the participants of the meeting expressed their views on joint training and military exercises. According to the ISPR, the participants thanked Pakistan for hosting the event.

Remember that the SCO is a political, economic and military co-operation established by China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in 2001.

It should also be remembered that since 2005, Pakistan has been the observer country of the SCO, which has been regularly participating in the meetings of the organization. In 2010, Pakistan applied for membership of the SCO.

Heads of member states of the organization approved Pakistan’s request in July 2015 and Pakistan was given membership, after which the number of member countries was increased to 8.

Pakistan signed a ‘Memorandum of Responsibility’ regarding the membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in 2017, after which Pakistan became a permanent member country.