Pakistan Army Shot Down Indian Spy Drone violating LoC

Indian spy drone

The ISPR has said that the Pakistan Army has downed an Indian spy drone at the LoC. According to details, the Pakistan Army Department of Public Relations has said that the Indian drone has once again violated airspace on the line of control.

The ISPR said that an Indian quadcopter was sent to monitor the Pakistani territory, which was downed by the Pakistan Army. The Pakistani military said the move was an open violation of the 2003 ceasefire agreement.

Considering that the Indian Army has committed such violations multiple times, the ISPR said that the Indian quadcopter once again violated the LoC on the Sankh Sector and entered the Pakistani border to monitor it, which was hit by the Pak army.

Remember that on March 16 last year, an Indian spy drone was shot down by the Pakistan Army. The ISPR said, that the Indian quadcopter had come within 150 meters of Pakistani boundary on the Chakri sector.

Earlier, on October 27, 2018, the Pak army also hit an Indian drone aircraft in the Rak Chakri sector of the LoC area, after the Pak army shooters successfully targeted the drone aircraft. The debris was seized.