Pakistan and India will collide Tomorrow in the Semi Final of U19 CWC 2020


In the biggest competition of the U-19 World Cup, traditional rivals Pakistan and India will compete tomorrow. Both Semi-finalists will try to secure their place for the final berth. The World Cup semi-finals have been called Final before Final due to the Pak-India match.

Green Team is ready for the competition and is determined to make a history in order to make it into the finals. National players have made great preparations for the big match and have plenty of net practice.

Looking at the history of the U-19 World Cup, Pakistan holds a lead. traditional rivalry is in the 9th World Cup, of which the Green Shirts have beaten India in five matches while the Indian team has been successful four times.

Pakistan last defeated the Indian team in the 2010 World Cup under the leadership of Azeem Ghumman after which India has been victorious in the last three games. If India’s winning streak is to break, then the performance of Pakistan has to be great.

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