No film is going to release this eid because of Corona , thinks Humayun Saeed


Humayun Saeed has said that the situation from Corona has rapidly increased in a few days. He said it wasn’t that severe when we were leaving for Pakistan, he said ” it escalated within days “.

The actor is self-quarantined along with Adnan Siddiqui. The actor in thhe live session on Instagram talked about the impacts of Corona in future .


The actor was also joined by Yasir Hussain in the session where he specifically asked Humayun Saeed about future of the eid releases, and to that question Humayun Saeed replied,

“I don’t think so any film is going to release on eid as the situation will be going to erode in coming days and months “

He also said,

” In Hollywood they have cancelled releases for a complete year as all are the big releases and they can’t afford to lose business”.

He further said,

” The momentum has been broken worldwide so nobody wants to take risk and in Pakistan, people don’t even come for films normally and after Corona it is impossible if they will come anytime soon “

The actor conducted the live session on the Instagram of Adnan Siddique. Both actors are passing their time through live sessions and they were joined by a lot of celebrities.


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