Nauman Ijaz has an opinion about Humayun Saeed

Nauman Ijaz

Numan Ijaz’s view on Humayun Saeed regarding his acting and style are little harsh to digest for Humayun’s fans , he passed same comments on Adnan Siddiqui.

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Nauman Ijaz thinks that Humayun Saeed has to groom himself and he still has to learn acting. He said this in a live session with Vasay Chaudhry where both of them were having a fun filled chit chat. The Instagram pages have cut the short link as usual in which the context of the conversation is still left to be comprehended but apparently he seems to be unhappy with Humayun Saeed’s style and acting skills on which Vasay is also making astonishing faces because it was unexpected for him as well.

Nauman Ijaz

Vasay Chaudhry became a little uncomfortable as he shares great friendship with both Nauman Ijaz and Humayun Saeed.

Well we also got astonished because both the actors are stars for us and we are already fan. The clip was posted on many pages on Instagram , we could not reach to the whole chat session and if we will get the chat and any other clarification from either Nauman Ijaz or Vasay Chaudhry we will share it with you.

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Right now, the fans of Nauman Ijaz says that he is right about Humayun’s style and acting because he is a Superstar more than an actor. Mostly people in comments agreed and said that it may sound harsh but Nauman is spot on about Humayun’s acting.

Well, we have told you that we are fans of both the actors for sure.

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