Nauman Ijaz urges to practice tolerance


Nauman Ijaz is Pakistan’s top versatile actor. We often don’t see the actor vocal about social issues. The actor just focuses on his work and keeps himself private. Nauman Ijaz is rarely seen on , TV giving the interviews.

Lately, the actor on his Instagram indirectly posted about the ongoing chaotic situation.

The actor says,

” If you can’t control what’s happening around then start controlling yourself, the way you respond to that situation, that’s what power is,
Matlab power is in tolerance “

It was certainly needed at that time when everyone on social media is attacking each other.


The actor has previously criticised the social media and it’s usage  , the actor said that now a days if you want to be respected you should stay in your shell instead of talking with people on set, if you will do this, you will be a “me too” campaign’s victim.

The actor said “society has become so furious and intolerant that it wants to give death sentence to a thief “

He says to practice tolerance and it is the key to a peaceful life,  so we must develop tolerance and patience in every situation otherwise our society will not see any solution to this chaos .

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