Nauman Ijaz urges people to pay tribute to doctors by holding flags


Famous TV actor Nauman Ijaz has proposed to all the Pakistanis to pay tribute to Pakistan’s medical practitioners and doctors in these worrisome and catastrophic times. The actor said that we Pakistani thank all of our doctors by heart, you people are our heroes and we love you.

Nouman Ijaz’s web series is expected to come out soon alongside Saba Qamaz. The actor is famous for his social messages on serious issues.
He urged people to pay homage to the doctors by standing on their rooftops on 27th March 2020 along with white flag to demonstrate solidarity with the medical practitioners and doctors.


The actor further said that before Corona Virus out break I used to think that only our part of world is senseless and illiterate but now I have come to know that whole world is the same the way all these civilized countries behaved when the lockdowns were announced, their demonstration of storing the grocery was too shocking for me. He said that due to this calamity I have come to know about this fact that all the human behaviours are same. 

Well, worldwide celebrities have come up for charity likewise the actors are appalled at the unusual behaviours at the most critical time.

The actor prayed that may the things get normal in the whole world.

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Let's be together…love u all.

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