Nadir Ali received notice from income tax office

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Nadir Ali received notice from income tax office after the proper investigation about his earnings.

Nadir Ali is a very popular YouTuber who has made a huge name in the world of pranking. He has a lot of fans from India, Bangladesh and Nepal as well . His famous channel is P for Pakao. He is in trouble now a days as he just has received a notice by the tax authorities claiming he owes up to PKR 13 million in taxes.

Nadir Ali pull pranks on people in an extremely convincing manner, he works  along with his team.  He has lots of subscribers and viewers on his Youtube channel. He also makes short funny videos and entertains people. The Prankster has also started working with Bol TV network where he does his TV show based on pranks

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Nadir Ali received notice from income tax office

The collective views of his channel are around 820 million which is huge and his channel is considered as one of the biggest in Pakistan. The YouTuber has made a lot of money up till now through his pranks. No doubt, he has a dedicated team.

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Nadir Ali

The tax authorities doubted him of hiding his earnings and then they  launched a proper  investigation against him. The team contacted with Youtube where it  got to know about his actual income and the team’s suspicions got confirmed.

Nadir Ali was sent with a lot of notices during the inquiry but he didn’t replied to any of them. However, Nadir Ali denied not having responded to the FBR.

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