Nadia Hussain thinks actresses deliberately leak their videos

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Nadia Hussain thinks actresses deliberately leak their videos.

Nadia Hussain came in Bol nights with Ahsan Khan along  Fakhir Mahmood  where Ahsan asked her point of view about the idea that some people says that celebrities deliberately leak their obscene pictures and videos to gain stardom.

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Nadia Hussain and Fakhir

In reply to this question Nadia Hussain responded, 

She said, ” I think sometimes  yes for the sake of fame these celebrities do leak their own videos”.

Fakhir on thee other didn’t agree to Nadia Hussain’s view and said that in Pakistan nobody wants to become Sunny Leone.

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Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain further  gave reference of Qandeel Baloch in support of  her notion. She said whatever Qandeel was doing was her choice.

Fakhir also urged Nadia Hussain to not to give her example and reference as she has passed away.

Well Fakhir really added gracefully to the conversation but here we must say that every one has his or her own views and we respect all opinions .

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Nadia Hussain and Fakhir

Here is the video link from the show Bol nights  With Ahsan khan:

Do you guys also agree with Nadia and Fakhir’s  point of views?