Mehwish Hayat’s doppelganger is winning the internet.

mehwish hayat 6

Mehwish Hayat’s doppelganger is winning the internet.

Mehwish Hayat’s doppelganger has taken internet by storm where fans have exactly found her resembled face.

mehwish hayat 7
Mehwish Hayat and Roza

Now a days people are spending too much time on social media and that’s why the fans are keep on fetching different people on the internet. Well here, the fans have fetched the doppelganger of famous Film actress Mehwish Hayat.

mehwish hayat 8
Mehwish Hayat and Roza

The girl resembles a lot with Mehwish Hayat, the face features are too similar that for a second one cannot recognizes who is Mehwish and who is the other girl.

The girl’s name is Roza who belongs to Iraq, the girl is a blogger and a certified stylist.

mehwish hayat 9
Mehwish Hayat and Roza

There are many pictures of the girl available on internet, fans are making the comparison by making their picture collages. And if you guys have a doubt just have a look at both of them.

mehwish hayat 10
Mehwish Hayat and Roza

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