Mehwish Hayat urges authorities to opt safety measures to avoid Corona Virus pandemic


Mehwish Hayat urges the authorities on revising the security measures after hearing about the Corona virus emergency.

The actress is of the view that matches should be played behind the closed doors for the Television audiences and public gathering needs to be avoided.


The actress further says that if they insist to have the spectators then proper screenings of spectators need to be done in order to avoid the Virus to spread even if any of spectator has it.

She writes,

In light of the Corona virus pandemic, I think that there is a need to rethink the merit in continuing the PSL matches. Let’s not cancel them, but play them behind closed doors for TV or if they insist on having spectators in the stadium, all of them need to be screened before entry,”

What do you guys say about the Corona Virus emergency, Is it really alarming situation in Pakistan that needs a lot of safety measures or is it just the fear?

Well, the statistics around the globe related to Corona virus are alarming and world needs appropriate safety measures. Many people have died of the virus and there has been a global emergency .


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