Mehwish Hayat mourns her pet Bruno


Beautiful Actress and our superstar Mehwish Hayat mourns her pet Balooni who just passed away a few days back.

The actress had it for a decade, she praised her presence in her life in a heartfelt note regarding his death.

The actress wished to have hugged him one more time before her pet died. She also said that she has learned a lot of love and kindness from him. She says that his pet spent a lot of days waiting for her.

The actress writes,

” My dear Balooni. It’s been 3 days that you’ve been gone .. and my heart and mind still don’t want to believe It. I’ve been through a lot but these last few days have been the worst of my life. A decade of having you next to me through all my highs, lows and breakdowns .. your one gaze would make me feel everything’s going to be alright. You taught me so much about unconditional love and life itself. Never thought I’d lose you .. thought you’d always be there at the gate waiting for me with those big piercing brown eyes .. My best friend .. you loved me so much that you spared me the pain of saying goodbye and letting you go .. I wish you’d waited for me a day more .. I wish I could have got to hug you for one last time .. I wish. 


Nothing will ever replace the void that you have left in my life.  All I am left with is tears .. memories .. and a lifetime to miss you…
RIP Bruno
06.03.2020  -“


Well, we wish the actress to overcome this grief and stay strong. Indeed the pets teach us a lot of Kindness, love, and empathy which humans are lacking nowadays. The animals need to be loved and treated well as they cannot do it for them.


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