Mehwish Hayat is thanking authorities for a quick response to her request


Our beautiful and amazingly talented actress Mehwish hayat has always been vocal about issues from education to basic human rights and to the public issues. 

Not only that, her voice has a power to reach the authorities because of the significance and prestige  she holds but her requests are being acted upon as well.


Actress Mehwish Hayat is pleased to see the quick action taken by the authorities in Karachi. Last month the actress reported the disgusting condition of the Karachi airport’s toilets. 

She also said that the first thing  visitors from abroad notice about a country is it’s public toilets and the toilets were in such bad conditions that instantly disgusted her  .


The actress has expressed her satisfaction over the construction and repair work. The actress also thanked the authorities for the efficient and quick response.

Well, it is amazing about her that she has not only updated the authorities but later on appreciated as well.

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